The Most Extreme Weight Loss Fast Stories

The Most Extreme Weight Loss Fast Stories

You will get inspired by these extreme weight loss stories which are shared by this article. These stories included motivational stories that will help you to encourage other people out there to start their weight loss exercise so you can be successful to reach their fitness goals. Hopefully, these extreme weight loss stories will inspire you and you can learn a couple of important exercise and diet tips in order to get you started on the right track to success.

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Extreme Weight Loss Story from Krystal Sanders

Krystal Sanders

Even though 27-year old Krystal Sanders was never petite, she stands only five feet tall. When she moved to Austin, Texas in 2005, her size is 14. She moved to Austin to work as revenue services specialist where she continued to hit the drive-through five nights every week. When she started to plan her wedding in early 2008, the stress came and drove her to eat even more.

The change

When the wedding photos of Krystal Sanders arrived in October 2008, she did want to see those wedding photos. When she looked at those pictures, she cried. It was like a real punch in her face. She was embarrassed that she had let herself get large. She knew that she must change the number.

The lifestyle

She began to empty her fridge and pantry, tossing all frozen pizza, all chips, and other junk. Rather than eating out, she began to cook healthier versions of her favorite foods from her favorite restaurant, measured portions and boosted her vegetable intake. When she decided to step onto a scale, it read 185 pounds. She started jogging by using her treadmill for 30 minutes six times every week.


She watched DVD strength workouts, she did not drink soda and processed foods and she reached her goal of 130 pounds, over the next year. But she did not stop there. She started to lift heavier weights and she reached 120 pounds in December 2009. She could not believe it. She thought that maybe the scale was broken. It was extreme weight loss fast for her.

Extreme Weight Loss Reward

Krystal Sanders now has the energy to do nine-mile runs with her husband. Hiking and biking are also the activity that she always does with her husband. And she does not shy anymore with the camera. She used to run from the camera, but now she likes what she sees in photos. Now she finally gets the goal with the way she looks.

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