The Secret of Patti Stanger Weight Loss Method

The Secret of Patti Stanger Weight Loss Method

This article will explain about Patti Stanger weight loss which makes her looks much more pretty after losing a couple of pounds. She admitted that she had plastic surgery in order to remove the surplus fat. Patti Stanger had undergone an upper blepharoplasty which skin and fat were removed from her eyelids. Besides that, she regularly also is injected by Botox. All of these things really changed her facial features. She looks brighter and younger than before.

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She lost almost 20 pounds by sprinkling a powder which is called Sensa on her food. This product helps her in order to shed those extra pounds. Meanwhile, there are specific changes which are made in the diet and the workout sessions are regular. Patti Stanger weight loss has surprised the whole world by the new stunning slimmed-down figure. Patti Stanger increased a couple of extra pounds because of the unwholesome lifestyle which is led by her.

Patti Stanger Weight Loss Method: Diet

The Secret of Patti Stanger Weight Loss.

Patti Stanger made surprise changes in her lifestyle certainly food habits in order to get this level. She put a note of the personal inventory in her refrigerator and she had removed all of the junk. She took off all of the processed and unhealthy foods. The frozen foods that are loaded with sodium and fats are discarded immediately. The next big thing that she did was to have a gluten-free life that also helped her to cope out with headaches. She is also addicted to cheese and Mac but gave up on all of these edibles. She also eliminated popcorn and bread from her diet and began to consume Benefiber packets in order to get adequate fiber.

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Patti Stanger Weight Loss MethodSensa


Patti Stanger has been tried a couple of new diets but nothing has the result that she wanted until one day she tried Sensa. The sense will trigger our olfactory sense and you will be helped to consume less. The impulse has been controlled by the brain in order to eat and not the stomach that helps you eat in small portions that can result in weight reduction.

Patti Stanger Weight Loss MethodFitness Workout

Patti Stanger also did a fitness workout routine. She has been done the elliptical machine that was covered with dust. It did not allow her to watch television until the time that she had not worked out on her elliptical machine. She also used to perform Zumba that was very intense and fun at the same time.


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